The New Ford Telematics

February 24th, 2015 by

Ford Telematics

Ford Crew Chief is transforming and evolving into Ford Telematics powered by Telogis

If we could just save some time, we could save some money. It’s the never-ending dream of every business owner and manager around the world. Efficiency is everything when trying to run a profitable business. We think this is precisely why the Ford Crew Chief fleet management platform has been so amazingly successful over the last few years. But now the product formerly known as Ford Crew Chief is changing. The newest generation of Ford’s industry-leading commercial telematics product will now simply be called Ford Telematics. The New Ford Telematics platform brings with it some unbelievable solutions to make managing a commercial fleet easier than ever before.

Ford Crew Chief has been the industry leader in comprehensive and scalable telematics solutions for commercial customers for the last few years. For those of you who don’t fully understand what telematics is, it is essentially just the long-distance transmission of computerized information. Basically, through these tools any number of data can be sent to a central location for the powers that be to make more informed decisions.

Both Crew Chief and the new Ford Telematics platforms are tools that were developed by Telogis, Ford’s exclusive technology provider for commercial and fleet vehicles. Once again this year, some of us from here at Allegheny Ford will be headed to Indianapolis for the annual NTEA Work Truck Show. And one of the items we are most excited about seeing is the new Ford Telematics program by Telogis. It was designed specifically to bring some serious technology and efficiency solutions to commercial truck and fleet managers. More than ever before. The scalable product seems to fit nicely for many small businesses and scales up to bring a competitive edge for big businesses looking to dominate in their respective industry.

This new program does a lot to help fleet managers and dispatchers make informed, up to the moment decisions based on real-time information about every driver and every vehicle. In addition to the basics that Crew Chief offered, such as current location, vehicle speed, and seatbelt status, the new platform will also allow fuel consumption to be tracked, recorded, and even fuel purchases be immediately reconciled. Alerts for excessive speeding and safety belt usage, as well as airbag status, maintenance problems and regularly scheduled maintenance reminders all send a constant stream of information about every part of the business. Driver scorecards allow for safety incentives and rewards for better driver performance. With the added benefit of possible insurance cost savings.

Weather alerts with live updates, new mapping features that allow more accurate, pin-point location tracking, customer ETA notifications, and so much more have all been packed into this new system. Data is the only thing setting the successful businesses of the future apart from their competitors. And it is quickly becoming easier than ever to harness and use that data. And now all of this can easily be done mobily, without requiring any fleet managers to be tethered to a desk. The entire fleet can be monitored and directed from a mobile device or tablet in the field.

We will check it out at the Work Truck Show and learn as much as we can about all the cost-saving efficiencies Ford Telematics will offer. If you have any questions regarding how a data-driven fleet management system can help save you time or money, don’t hesitate to contact us so we can chat more.

Here is a video by Telogis that helps illustrate just how much more Ford Telogis can do for you. Take a look!