Ford’s BoxLink Cargo Management System

February 2nd, 2015 by

Among the many things we love about the new F-150, the BoxLink Cargo Management System takes the cake.

When a vehicle you love gets completely overhauled and redesigned, it can be a difficult process. Inevitably, there will be aspects of the old model that you will miss, features you loved that were discontinued. And there will be new and ‘improved’ features that you just aren’t sure about. This is the life cycle of a vehicle, and it’s one we know well. However, since the new 2015 Ford F-150 arrived on our lot here, we haven’t been able to discover even one feature that we don’t love. Every aspect of this truck is genuinely improved, and Ford did an absolutely superb job sitting down with real people who use this truck for work everyday to find out exactly what needed changing for 2015. Ford’s BoxLink Cargo Management System is one of those features. Ford added more heavy duty strength, durable components, and they put the anchors in the middle of the box where you need them most.

When the newly-redesigned 2015 Ford F-150 hit the market a couple months ago, it was without question one of the most anticipated releases from Ford that we can ever recall. We needed to see it, sit in it, drive it, use it for work and really move some cargo around before we could pass judgement. So we did. And we have. This truck is a true beast, and it’s no wonder why it is slated to be the best-selling truck of the year. Actually, it’s expected to be the best selling vehicle of the year, but who’s splitting hairs?

One of the primary reasons why we love it for the worksite, is the new BoxLink Cargo Management System from Ford. It adds so much to the versatility and usability of an already tough piece of machinery. BoxLink includes four all-knew, lockable, die-cast tie down cleats, and four additional tie down locations that previous Ford trucks have greatly benefited from. The four, new, fixed tie-down locations in the box complement the four tie-down hooks that the previous models had, doubling the safety and accessibility for moving equipment and cargo.

The new tie downs are anchored to a reinforced area of the box at the mid-section, rather than only at the lower front and rear corners of the box that previous F-150s had. Based completely on the recommendations of workers, it became clear most commercial and fleet Ford truck drivers needed cargo reinforcement in the middle of the truck bed, rather than the ends. The new reinforced die-cast cleats can accommodate a horizontal load of 275 pounds and a diagonal load of 600 pounds, each. That combined with the 2015 F-150’s maximum payload of 3,300 pounds means you can move a lot more with less effort.

Stowable cargo ramps are also a part of the BoxLink system. The telescoping ramps can be used for immediate loading of smaller wheeled equipment like ATVs, motorcycles, lawn mowers, and pretty much anything else with wheels that will fit in the F-150 box. The ramps can then be stowed on the sides of the pickup box.

Another hugely popular feature of the new Ford F-150 is the first ever tailgate step that is totally integrated into the tailgate, making it invisible until you need it. To use it, drivers simply drop the tailgate, grab the bottom of the step and pull it straight out and drop it into the step position. It’s one smooth move, and frees up the rest of the tailgate to be a completely flat on-site work bench.

Additional BoxLink features include LED cargo box interior lighting with a bed-mounted button as well as an interior button makes working a night a little less of a hassle. A power locking remote tailgate is also available. This feature allows the tailgate to be remotely released with the push of a button on a handy key fob.

Ford released a video about their BoxLink management system which sheds a little more light on how interchangeable and customizable it really is.

The entire BoxLink system is open to aftermarket manufacturers and vendors, allowing countless other companies to build additional solutions into the one system. Already, a variety of hooks, cleats and straps that are already a part of your arsenal will likely snap right into place. Contact us through our online contact form or by phone at (855) 996-0725 if you’re looking for greater flexibility for your F-150’s box.