Ford Launched Fleet Insights

January 16th, 2015 by

Ford CEO

In an effort to build greater efficiency and understanding into their fleet vehicles, Ford has launched an intensive mobility experiment.

Last week at the Consumer Electronics Show, Ford President and CEO Mark Fields took center stage and gave automotive and technology enthusiasts the big picture. He spoke not only of Ford and the leaps they continue to make technologically, but mostly he spoke about the transportation challenges we face as a people. Fields talked about what the future holds for the planet in terms of just how packed our roadways will become over the coming years, and how that impacts managers and drivers of commercial and fleet vehicles. Ford Launched Fleet Insights to be better at creating real solutions now for the problems of tomorrow.

Ford’s Smart Mobility plan is actually the overarching halo for over 25 ongoing mobility experiments happening around the world this year. These experiments are designed to test new transportation ideas, to create a better customer experience, to solve the growing global transportation problems.

Fields said their goal is “to change the way the world moves just as our founder Henry Ford did 111 years ago. We see a world where vehicles talk to one another, drivers and vehicles communicate with the city infrastructure to relieve congestion, and people routinely share vehicles or multiple forms of transportation for their daily commute. The experiments we’re undertaking today will lead to an all-new model of transportation and mobility within the next 10 years and beyond.”

The experiment of particular interest to us is Ford Fleet Insights. HP, the massive technology company, has allowed Ford to install a device that monitors everything happening with a particular fleet vehicle. They installed these devices on 100 commercial fleet trucks nationwide, and they are collecting a lot of data, from driving habits of individual drivers, purpose behind specific trips, how each driver interacts with weather and traffic, and how certain members of the fleet maximize their time behind the wheel.

The data collected in this experiment will be used to help Ford better understand the nuances and challenges involved with managing a large fleet of commercial trucks. And the implications of such data are huge. Data-driven insurance plans are likely a thing of the future, cutting costs for fleets who employ best practices and safest drivers. Moreover, tracking and understanding the habits of your crew will allow you to put the right people in the right position at the right time. In the end, the goal here is to build efficiency, cut costs, and save as much time as money.

From this Fleet Insights experiment, Ford plans to build and roll-out additional custom solutions for commercial and fleet truck buyers and managers. Ford has always been a leader in creating intuitive solutions for their entire lineup, as well as incorporating smart phone tools to allow for better fleet management. It will be mighty exciting to see what the future holds for Ford commercial trucks and fleets in the years to come.

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