Commercial Truck Lease Options and Financing

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Commercial Truck Lease Options and Financing

Ford Commercial Financing

We are in the business of getting you and your business what you need. We are not the business of showing you the reasons why we can’t. Financing, and all the questions and concerns that go along with it, take up a lot of space in our customers’ day-to-day thought processes. Whether we’re helping a new business owner buy his or her first truck, or if we’re working to help a well-established Pittsburgh institution expand, we respect and expect the series of questions and concerns that accompany new commercial truck purchases. Commercial Truck Lease Options and Financing, and a series of other solutions designed specifically for people in your boots, are available through us and the Ford Motor Credit Company.

Nobody really likes talking about money. Starting a new business or expanding a well-established business is exciting, to say the least. But the money side of those endeavors can be complicated, stressful, and unbelievably time consuming. Many of our regular commercial truck customers, the men and women we have been helping for so many years, are well aware of just how much standard loan assistance the Ford Motor Credit Company (Ford Credit) is able to provide both new and well-established businesses. But Ford Credit’s services extend well beyond just leasing. Here are a few of the commercial financing products available through Ford Credit.

Commercial Retail Financing
Ford Credit doesn’t have a cookie cutter lease program or a one-size-fits-all vehicle financing program. No two businesses are alike, so they individually tailor plans to meet the specific needs of your business. Eligible vehicles include both new and used vehicles, light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks, vehicles used for livery or for-hire operations, and alternative fuel vehicles. Additionally, Ford’s Commercial Retail Financing offers comprehensive Commercial Warranty products.

Commercial Red Carpet Lease
Ford’s Commercial Red Carpet Lease program was built specifically for predictable usage vehicles and the businesses that require a closed-end lease without residual risk. It’s the kind of lease that, once your terms are complete, you simply return the vehicle to the dealer. If you have the sort of business that would benefit from regular quality, capability and technology upgrades to keep you competitive, and if your average mileage is predictable for your commercial vehicles, this is a preferred option for many.

Commercial Lease
The Commercial Lease options through Ford Credit are fully customizable and open-ended to allow the residual to be based upon your specific business requirements. This plan is ideal for high mileage, heavy usage vehicles, commercial trucks and vans with modifications and upfits, and alternative fuel vehicles. There are no mileage restrictions or penalties, and no charges for excess wear and use. More information on the Ford ComerciaLease plan, as well as a payment calculator, are available here.

Commercial Line of Credit
The Commercial Line of Credit through Ford Credit is approved yearly and covers general vehicle financing needs and saves bank lines for working capital needs rather than fleet or commercial vehicle needs. It, ultimately, allows you to streamline the funding process and provides you with more time to focus on day-to-day operations, rather than requiring regular portions of your time to finance and refinance vehicles through stages of growth or change.

Combined Billing
Ford Credit provides the essential service of Combined Billing for any business owner or manager who would prefer to simplify vehicle payments through one consolidated monthly statement. For any customers with two or more accounts, the service is complimentary through Ford Credit.

Chassis Financing
There are customized financing options available for vehicle modifiers through Ford Credit Chassis Financing. Eligible vehicles include any upfit trucks for construction and service industries, refuse vehicles such as garbage trucks, and a variety of other specialized vehicles. If you plan to purchase a chassis through us here at Allegheny Ford, not only can we help you upfit or convert it in-house, but we are also able to help you with additional chassis financing.

There is a lot more information out there on all of the many areas where Ford Credit might be able to help you and your business grow into the success that you envision. Feel free to check out the Ford Credit website here. If you would prefer to speak to someone directly, right here in Pittsburgh, please give us a call. Even if you aren’t yet ready to make any purchasing decisions, we are more than happy to clear up any questions you might have.

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