April Fools Day Jokes and Pranks for the Job Site

March 18th, 2015 by

April Fools

Ideas for Pittsburgh work site pranks for April Fools Day or just because.

We thought we would take a break from our regularly scheduled blog posting to bring you some important news and insight. We were informed recently there there is a shortage of inspiration and ideas for Pittsburgh worksite pranks for April Fools Day, and really for every other day of the week. So we came up with a short list of April Fools Day Jokes and Pranks for the Job Site. That being said, we don’t condone making life more difficult for your comrades, or slowing down productivity. But if you have a little extra time this April Fools Day, some harmless fun might be in order. Here are a few pranks we came up with.

  • Tape can be a wonderful tool for pranking people. It doesn’t take long to quickly wrap all of a person’s tools up completely in some heavy-duty tape. It won’t ruin anything, and it’s easy to remove if you have a utility knife. To add to the joke, don’t wrap up your victim’s utility knife. Leave it free but be sure to remove all the blades. It’s best to do this to people who are slightly less territorial about their tools.
  • You have a lot of options when it comes to porta potty pranks. A simple piece of rebar can hold a door shut, firecrackers down an air vent can add some much-needed excitement, and water balloons are great for making a splash.
  • It seems childish, because it is, but fake snakes in toolboxes can still usually get a pretty big rise out of people. Especially if you can find the ones that look and feel pretty convincing. Hearing grown men scream can be a highly satisfying experience.
  • Red and blue chalk are common around many worksites. You have a lot of options with this one: red chalk in gloves, blue chalk in pockets and hoods, a little bit in an air vent with the fan set on high, etc…
  • Sending someone new out to find a board stretcher, block stretcher, toe nails, or a variety of other nonexistent items is always a good laugh. If you have a new person who still hasn’t been sent on a wild goose chase, April Fools Day is your chance.
  • If you have to park in or around the city, it’s pretty easy to fake a non-existent accident. Simply leave a note on your co-worker’s windshield apologizing for hitting their truck and leave your phone number. Chances are they won’t recognize your number. It can add to the humor level if you mention you can’t pay for damages and don’t have insurance.
  • Truck for sale signs in the windows of your friends’ trucks can really get a good laugh. Especially if they get calls throughout the day inquiring about their truck.

And the list goes on. If you have any great, harmless pranks that you have played on your own job site, please share them here. We’d love to hear about some of your more recent shenanigans. And of course, if you really do need new vehicles for your work site, don’t hesitate to contact us! Happy April Fools Day everybody!

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