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Leasing Programs for Large and Small Fleets of Commercial Vehicles

For a lot of companies, leasing a fleet of vehicles makes a lot of sense. Allegheny Ford Isuzu offers flexible  Ford commercial leasing programs that provide a list of important benefits for your fleet of commercial trucks and vans. Whether you have a fleet of five trucks, or 50 trucks, we have a leasing program that’s right for your business.


Cash Flow

One of the biggest benefits of leasing your fleet of work trucks or other commercials vehicles is the upfront cost. Instead of purchasing a fleet outright, which comes with a significant initial investment, leasing can help reduce upfront costs while keeping cash on hand for other purposes.

GPS Tracking

With the Ford commercial leasing programs you have the option of tracking your fleet using GPS. Along with knowing exactly where each truck or van in your fleet is at all times, you also have access to important information that can help fleet managers make important decisions. As an example, maintenance and oil change information is always available, so you can plan maintenance schedules efficiently. Keep your fleet on the road more often by using our Ford leasing programs.

Cost Effective

The costs of our Ford commercial leasing programs are incredibly competitive. Compare the overall costs to our competitor’s programs and you’ll see just how much value the Ford program provides to your business.

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