Godwin Steel Dump Bodies For Sale in Pittsburgh, PA

As the only Commercial Truck Dealer in Pittsburgh, we have sold a lot of dump trucks to Contractors, Landscapers, Excavators, you name the business – from the guy with one dump to the company with multiples, we have years of experience with dumps.

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When we decided to get into the body business our goal was to offer something that no one else in the Pittsburgh area had; the ability to provide our customers with a reliable option for Commercial Trucks from a Commercial Truck Dealer. One Stop – Cut out the Middle Man was our goal.

The last piece of the puzzle for Allegheny Truck Body was the biggest challenge: Dump Bodies. Not only are dump bodies put to the test of standing up to the abrasion, and lets face it the abuse of daily use, there is also the added challenge of living in the Northeast and the corrosion caused by exposure to the salt and liquid calcium used to treat icy roads in the winter.

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Allegheny Partnered With The Godwin Group

We approached The Godwin Group because of their reputation as a well-established truck equipment company. The volume of dump bodies and equipment that they produce daily provides the opportunity to profitably scale the development and use of powder coat paint and thermoset powder coat zinc primer.

What does that mean? They are the best at what they do and have been able to develop a trademark of Powder Tough Coated and make it standard equipment for all Godwin Steel Dump bodies. That is how we can offer it to you at a competitive price. Godwin Steel Dump bodies are developed for performance, engineered for durability, and built for results. We believe we can provide you with this high-quality product at a better price than currently offered by any of our competitors.

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Salt Spray Test

Every Steel Dump body leaves the facility with a finished coating that has been lab tested and certified by SAE 117-B accelerated salt spray test for no less than 4000 hours using a 5% salt solution (sea salt is 3%). Industry standard paint and primer processes don’t come close

Powder coating is also superior in abrasion, chemical, and chip resistance. A zinc primed and powder coated body is a cost effective alternative to stainless or aluminum bodies in areas where corrosion is a major concern.

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Contact Allegheny Ford Truck Sales For Your Next Steel Dump Body

We have been so impressed with the Godwin products and are very excited to offer an alternative to our customers that is not available anywhere else in the Pittsburgh area.
We would love to have the opportunity to show you the dump bodies and the quality of the workmanship.

Stop in to speak to one of our Commercial Truck Experts or call for more information on all of the Godwin products that we carry at (412) 481-9600.

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