Transit vs Sprinter

Ford Transit


Mercedes-Benz Sprinter




487.3 ft.3

Max Cargo Volume

530.0 ft.3

Diesel, unleaded

Fuel Options

Diesel only

350 foot-pounds

Diesel Torque

265 foot-pounds

Ford Transit vs. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Transit Award
Popularized by the movie Moneyball, sabermetrics represent a highly analytical approach to Americas pastime. Of course, many statistics favored by sabermetricians appear obscure to the casual baseball fanthough the application of such data has proved to be demonstrably valuable.

While not specifically plotted in the table above, Allegheny Ford Isuzu invokes what some might consider to be an obscure metric for the purpose of comparing the all-new Ford Transit vs. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. As cargo van drivers can clearly see, both Transit and Sprinter prove to be capable options for commercial transport. The first two data points in Alleghenys exercise get to the heart of the issue, however. With spec options offered at lower price points all across the model line, Ford establishes its Transit cargo van as the categorys go-to option for utility space per dollar spent. And while on the subject, it appears as if Ford has the torque-pound per dollar metric locked up as well…

Comparing Ford Transit and Mercedes Sprinter

As a diesel-only cargo option, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is standardly equipped with a two-stage, four-cylinder turbo making 265 foot-pounds of torque. Transits engine suite offers drivers the flexibility of gas or dieseland the vans duo of optional power plants demonstrate significant value as far as torque-pound per dollar is concerned. An available five-cylinder version of the Blue Ovals Power Stroke diesel brings 350 foot-pounds of torque to the Ford Transit vs. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter comparison, though that figure ultimately proves to be second-best considering the segment-topping 400 torque-pounds turned by Transits EcoBoost V6.

As Pennsylvanias certified source for commercial vehicle solutions, businesses comparing Ford Transit vs. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter are invited to explore the per-dollar value at Allegheny Ford Isuzu. Offering a commercial-minded connection to high-quality Transit models and utility applications, choose the path of productivity by contacting Allegheny Ford Isuzu today.


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